III Tournament Last Standing


Estado: Torneo finalizado.

Administrador/a del torneo:

es Darkwarrior

Datos del torneo:

URL del torneo:

Número de participantes:

16 Participantes

Tipo de torneo:

Eliminación directa


Solo para jugadores en Europe

Duración eliminatoria:

Los participantes tienen 168 día/s para disputar cada eliminatoria


Este torneo no pertenece a ningún ranking

Fecha creacción:


Fecha finalización:




The tournament will start 1352930400|%F. But It could be postponed if there is not enough players.


How gametournament.net works:

  1. Both players have 7 days to play their qualification round as maximun, they have to play before the date that appears at the bottom of the qualification round.
  2. If a qualifying round achieve that date, and there is no winner, the winner will be random. (further information at the instructions).
  3. The time, for playing a qualifying round, starts running when a qualifying round has both players. This means you have to be aware of when is your turn of playing.
  4. You can contact your rival on the email area. (Setting in the profile the days and the hours you can play, helps to your rival to know when you can play).
  5. If you cannot contact with your rival, you have to mark, in the panel, as you have been presented (pressing the qualification round button and mark the checbox "presented")(further information at the instructions).
  6. Both players must insert their results once they have finished playing. If both do not do, the winner will be random (further information at the instructions)

The tournament rules are described below:


  1. Both players must be ready before the qualification round starts, this means, to be ready for playing, button configuration or whatever, once the qualification starts cannot be stopped.
  2. The qualification round is played the best of five matches.
  3. The game configuration must be as default.
  4. All characters are allowed.
  5. The winner cannot change his characters after the match but the loser can.
  6. If a player stops playing or stops the game during the match this player will lose the round.

If you have any doubt please send me an email from the email area.